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Thread: Starlight Arrow night vision - problems

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    Starlight Arrow night vision - problems

    Just wondered if anyone has a starlight arrow night vision and any tips you could give me. Ive bought one recently for use on air rifle and hornet. I can get it to work upto 100 yards fine but over that it is to blurred to be able to shoot accurately. Online ive found people claiming can get it up to 300 yards and wondered if anyone on here uses a starlight and advice on what I could be doing wrong.


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    Sounds like you may not have a parallax adjustable scope? As you focus the archer on the reticle, you need to 'focus' the scope on the target - using the parallax adjustment.
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    What ETR said.
    ive put a 3.2 telephoto lens on the front of mine to use as a spotter with a quantum firefly if and can see clearly a looooong way.
    Even better on the scope, clear as day.
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    I am using a parallax adjustable scope and its the arrow version not the archer.

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    You may need a better illuminator.

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    having owned a arrow i would be supprised if anyone is going to get any where near 300yrds with it although i would have quite happily thrown it 300 yrds

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    I have had a few and found the performance okay. The main issue is the reliability with them breaking and being sent back. Got my money back and bought a archer- it's in a different league.

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    What scope you running it on. Some scopes have to much IR filtering and cut a lot of the IR that can get back to the camera.

    What's the illumination. Some of the lasers are giving bad grainyness. OK at short range but not so clean as an Len IR.
    Try a t20 or nm800 and see if it helps.

    I see your close, your more than welcome to come over and have a play on differant scopes and IR


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    Thanks Phil, I can get it clear at 100yds but anything more and does become grainy like you said. I'm using it on a nikko sterling nighteater at the moment. I don't need it upto 300yds but I wanted to be able to use it upto 200yds on foxes. Do you think that's gonna be possible or do I need to get better ir?
    Cheers si

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    Try with led IR rather than the laser.

    I do have a friend who loves his arrow so I'll have a chat with him and see how he fairs with the laser he uses. I think firefly rings a bell.

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