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    old friends

    Just thought i would mention that in 30 mins I will be whiling my way up to jockland just a little trip to the beloved Spey to play with the salmon and hopefully glass and grass, a few roe I am also going to reaffirm a few old friendships there are 24 of us old friends.some I haven't seen since last year,and god willing we will meet and greet for many years to come. we will as we always tend to have a wee dram. and as is the norm we will also give our friends the gillies something to talk about for the next year,good mates make for a nice life

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    Good luck and hope you enjoy it.


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    Am sure the drams will be plentiful & wont be wee, enjoy and have a good time.


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    cheers guys the river was high weather had played havoc with the wildlife.the drams were unaffected a good time was had and friends were reaffirmed for another year

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    Seeing old friends is exactly the reason l go north these days, the stalking is just incidental its no longer just about pulling the trigger

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