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Thread: Game Season so far

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    Game Season so far

    Hello, so with but a few weeks to the seasons end how has your season gone so far ? Have you had good bags, have your birds held and have they flown well ? So far I am more than happy on all counts but on some shoots I beat its been a struggle over the last few weeks. Very interested to hear how things are going elsewhere.

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    Good so far things will thin out abit from now on though and birds are a lot wiser and covers are way thinner than the start of the season .cant complain it's been better than I anticipated .

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    Been way too warm but quality has outweighed lack of quantity. Guns haven't stepped up to the plate with terrible kill ratios. Beaters need replacing as they are getting familiar and often beat the guns back to our elevenses and taking the easy route through the drives. Also a neibouring landowner has been feeding our birds across and never put any birds down but that will be sorted next year. One gun didn't pay his dues and this has left us in the doo doo.

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    Great so far,had a black powder only day today with hammer guns,just four of us walked up and
    shot 15 head.First year I have done partridge and they have held well just bad to find on the day.

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    A lot better than last year thats for sure.
    Birds seem to be holding well with decent bags but a few frosty morning would be nice to round off the season.

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    My season has been really good been on a few driven shoots. The birds flew high and fast whot and I took some at mega heights. The beaters and pickers up worked Darn hard for us. On one shoot I was on we took a record head this was close to Stirling. I will need to take on a few more days next year. The tallyho days are back for this lad who was born to be posh.

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    Mild weather in November and early December has seen birds straying everywhere on the two do it yourself shoots I am involved in. On the plus sides I have been guest at three 200 bird days. A different gun game all together and very enjoyable.


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    Our Pheasants have held really well better than ever,they have flown well and the guns have beaten the record bag.
    The beaters have been brilliant and all worked very hard, as always .Wf1

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    The warm start to the season meant many birds were still feeding in the fields and not coming into woodland or in the valleys, even though we fed hard. With the cold snap before Xmas, this changed leading to woodlands holding more and producing better flyers.

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    Pheasant numbers have been good, but the duck , which were exceptional last year, have flown straight off as soon as off the pond. Beaters have worked well, and the pickers up have been as thorough as ever. We are starting to learn a few little wrinkles that make the drives better. Shot ratio not great , but the guns are generally getting older , with a few introducing their youngsters to shooting , so super efficiency cannot be expected.

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