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Thread: Shocking situation Red Deer in "Nature Park" in the Netherlands

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    Angry Shocking situation Red Deer in "Nature Park" in the Netherlands

    Over the last ten years there has been a lot of controversy about the situation in a 5000 hectare big "Nature" Park owned by the state forestry commision in the Netherlands called Oostvaardersplassen. Several self proclaimed visionairs of this state forestry commision have put in 45 red deer 20 years ago and now there are over 2000 red deer in the park, apart from over a 1000 of wild horses and 550 wild cows. That is about 200 big hooved animals per 100 hectare.
    The policy of the state forestry commission is that they only shoot the animal when it is no longer standing on its legs (because that is the closest thing to nature). So when it slowly dies of hunger, in the last day they shoot it. To me that is cruel. Cull them when they are still standing during summer and autumn and sell the meat. Now animals are suffering and when finally shot the carcass is left for the foxes and birds of prey, buried in the ground or burned in a big industrial furnace.
    The red deer are fenced in and apart from grass there is only bark to eat because they do not feed the animals at all. And because they are fenced in they die of hunger. Now the landscape in the park looks like the moonsurface, no trees left. It is a summerhabitat, not a winter one. This week politics will get involved but because it is policy it is doubtfull that the situation will change as the state forestry commision had the approval of the majority of the votes in politics. I hate it when politics and policy comes first and the welfare of animals later. It is an experiment to see when red deer populations crash and "regulate" themselves. Pretty sick i think. I enclose some links so you can see the pictures yourself. Beware they are horrible. Is this the nature we want? k_

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    That report footage looks truly shocking - I might try and get my Dutch wife to translate, but I fear she will find it too upsetting. It is incredible that animals can be left to die in this way on a Nature Reserve so accessible and visible to the humans with responsibilities to look after it.
    We have had similar situations with land owned by the League Against Cruel Sports who have also failed in their management duties, but I don't think we have had anything on this scale.

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    Its not just LACS,

    Look at the state the anminals were in at Mccartneys place in Wilts....


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    That is terrible and people should be held accountable

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    The do gooders and PC idiots have lost sight of the deer being part of the food chain, but not having natural predators the food chain is broken.

    These poor beasts should be selectivly culled for the meat to find a natural balance as nature intended.


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    Awful to see, surely if you have animals on enclosed land, the owner has a duty of care. Otherwise it would be like me saying that i leave my dogs in the back garden with no human interface, so when they die of starvation, this is nature.. Im sure the RSPCA would have a field day. not even the RSPCA could say that deer management is less humane than what this guy is doing?! I worked out of Lelystad for a few months, never even knew the place was there. Truely shocking to see one animal too weak to stop itself from drowning, then he pulled it out of the water which im sure would prolong its death if it wasnt shot?!

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    I can't remember the specifics, but what is the situation re hunting in holland, is it now more or less stopped?

    Surely through EU law this is illegal?

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    but if there is nothing for them to eat, how did 45 get to 2000?

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    Might forward this on to BDS.

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