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Thread: Which spotting scope?

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    Which spotting scope?

    Hi all. I admit it. I have not got the faintest of ideas when it comes to spotting copes. I need to get something decent that will save me walking up and down to my 109 meters target when I zero my rifles or have a bit of plinking fun. I have spent thousands of pound sterling on expensive rifle scopes and range finding binoculars, but for a spotting scope I do not want to spend a penny more than I should have to. So what would you recommend is the best value for money purchase I can make? Many thanks!

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    Hi I use a Hawke Nature Trek 20-60x80 spotting scope cost around 170 ish. Really good quality for the money. Originally bought It for my wife who is getting seriously into nature photography.

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    Thanks for that. I was hoping to not even pay that much. But I guess I might have to, if I am to buy anything decent...

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    Barr and Stroud Savanna/Sahara. 270Buck had one for sale a while back. About 100 new and do the job well at that range
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    For the last two years at Bisley I've been using a Celestron 70 which was about 65 at Curry's. Not much pride of ownership, but I won't be getting rid of it, or upgrading any time soon.

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    Just saw this:-

    "Praktica B00513 Waterproof 15-45x60 Waterproof Spotting Scope
    This product is a high-quality spotting scope that offers a 15x to 45x zoom range. All components are finely engineered to give smooth focussing and zoom transition & features an angled eyepiece for easy viewing and rubber armoured finish for protection."

    Ebay number 301136880871

    This is a good spec for range spotting. You don't need more than 60mm front lens & 45x is as much as you want in a budget priced scope. High magnification is useless unless you buy premium brand stuff. Practica always used to be good enough quality - I expect they still are.


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    Thanks gentlemen. some very interesting suggestions there. I need to spend some time reading specs and learning more about the subject, I think!

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    For example, I was having a look at Currys as they are having a sale right now. does anyone know if this or this are any good for the price they are offered at? I am aware that one fo them is way too large, but I am using them as an example... I have to admit I am a bit confused trying to understand what 'Eyepiece magnification' and 'Eyepiece 2 magnification' is. I thought there is one number that defines this... Any help would be mostly appreciated! Thanks again!
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    Psy Go to a shop that has a range of scopes & handle a few. Spend time looking through them properly at distant objects - you will soon see what is good & what is bad - just like binos! The bottom end of the market is full of very poor quality stuff that is just tat, but there are the odd gems to be found.
    If you find a second hand one check that out as well - the mid range ones can sometimes be found quite cheap.
    Cheap scopes are often ok for seeing bullet holes at 100 yards but a good one will let you see them at 200 or 300.
    Go look through these --- Discount Cameras, Lenses and Accessories - Canon Nikon Panasonic - Mathers of Lancashire
    (RSPB stuff is usually ok quality) at Mathers in Lancaster.

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