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Thread: calibre for African DG

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    calibre for African DG

    i am thinking of applying for a dangerous game calibre on my FAC.

    have an r8 professional and was thinking of buying a new barrel in either .375 or .416.

    has anyone else done this or is it easier to buy a new rifle?

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    The minimum calibre in some countries is .40, I think, so best to check this before deciding.

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    The minimum calibre in most of Africa for DG is the good ol' 375 H&H. Having said that, I wouldn't want to be facing summat big and potentially nasty with a minimal calibre, but you may well be made of much stronger stuff.
    My advice would be to get the largest calibre you can handle. DG do not forgive.
    It's a jolly good idea to use the R8, you'll have a rifle which you know well and can shoot accurately, so if the manure hits the rotating parts ................
    As for the choice between 375 or 416, I'd go for 416 Rigby and load it with 380 gr GS Custom FN bullets. They are categorised as non-expanding so you'll be able to buy them without problem. Not cheap, though. Take a look at the GSCustom website.
    For practice, I use 400 gn Hornady solids. Of course, you'll have to zero with the GS bullets prior to your safari.
    (Because my Constabulary will not allow the purchase of expanding ammo for this calibre, I have to use the GS Custom or other non expanding bullets or arrange for a supply of ammo in Africa - fat chance of that!).
    I expect our friend Jabali Hunter will be along to deliver his pearls of wisdom in the fullness of time, listen to him, he knows his o'nions.
    If you want more info go to: - there's enough there to keep you going for weeks.
    Good Luck and keep us up to date on your progress.
    Safari njema, bwana

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    Having shot both calibres in a Blaser off road, i would personally buy a some what heavier rifle. To say they bump a little is an understatement. As said i would opt for the larger caliber .416/.458. if you can shoot one well enough with out flinching.I am sure a well placed .375 bullet will and has killed all the big game available in Africa. But in some cases bigger is better.
    Regards Sean

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    416 or 450 Rigby in a controlled round feed rifle, express sights and a fixed mag.

    Best wishes,


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    I have hunted with .375 H&H and was very happy with it. If you go bigger to a 416 make sure you get the Rigby that hot American calibres are horrible to shoot. There are plenty of articles arguing that a 416 Rigby is better than a 458 Lott but it all depends on whether you want a bruised shoulder to go with your trophy!!

    i do also have a 416 so my next Buff will be with that.....

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    Go for the 416 or even 458 win mag. Both I and my ex wife found the 458 easy enough to shoot and she could consistently hit clay sized targets in a fixed holder offhand at 40 yds. She was 5'2" and weighed 7.5 stone and used the iron sights. It is a real stopper on anything dangerous however many legs it has. The 416 Rigby is also a very sharp tool for DG.
    Honour all men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God, Honour the Queen.

    Keep the Faith.

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    interesting reading!

    whats the difference between 416 rigby and 416rem?

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    For DG my preference would be a 416 rather than the dual purpose but adequate 375

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    Blaser only do .416 Rem, not .416 Rigby and the .416 rem barrel profile will be too big for your stock, it's only available in the African models.
    You either get the .375 H&H which will fit, or if you want .416 then it's a new rifle.


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