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Thread: overseas users

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    overseas users

    We have quite a few now and its nice to here there opinions and views from the likes of muir, southern just to mention two, things are said and done so different, thoughts and attitudes are so different too, not nessasary from the 2 named but from watching videos and reading stuff,its good to have them on board, regards swaro

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    They are on a different time zone, you know!

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    Just aswell delete this thread from the response its received

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    Talking of overseas forum users, I've not seen Daven on for awhile, apologies if I've missed something and the reason is known to all except me.

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    I'll try not to upset to many with my imput to the SD . Yeh, what happened to Daven. He could get some peoples back up quicker than much missed Brithunter.

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    Where is brithunter a real authority on BSA, ETC.
    You don,t think that he may not have been paranoid, and they were out to get him, only joking BH.

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    Happy new year all . I guess I qualify as an overseas user , and thanks for the thought . To be honest , I get more out of this site than any other I frequent . There is a lot of experience , careful thought and manners that is missing from most places these days . This site has become my sanctuary at the end of a busy day where I can relax and hang out with like minded people . So thanks Swarovski and to everyone else , this really is a unique place .


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    Thanks for your reply, one of my favourite threads was wrote recently about a bear stalk, that was some story, great read, over here we are all we got is several species of deer and foxes, every where else has so many different animals, the trouble with being on a little island I guess.
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    Who are you calling "overseas"?

    From my my perspective, you are the one overseas!

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