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Thread: Bloody Tapatalk!

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    Bloody Tapatalk!

    Ok anyone else woken up & found that the SD format has been changed on Tapatalk ?!

    Still have the unread threads bit , but can't see the threads you have participated in bit .. Or at least I can't see it

    Happy new year


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    It is the @ symbol furthest right ;-)
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    I got fed up with it when it threw off one of my 'admin' accounts, so I rolled back to a really old version that was still on my steam powered laptop, it keeps telling me to update, but I won't until it goes back to how it used to be.
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    it did something with me last night got a notification as normal clicked on ,wellcome an du ru please sign in with password ,well i cant for the life of me remember it so i clicked on s/d same again sign in why ?i hadnt done anything ,only switched it on, stuff it its deleted now,

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    Talk pad for me is a nightmare won't let me reply to wanted or for sale adds

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    I believe your post count is only 5

    I think to participate in the classifieds section you need a minimum of 30 ...( unless changed lately )

    Nothing to do with tapatalk it's the forum rules


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