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Thread: New boots.

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    New boots.

    After 14 years of hard use my Hanwags have finally died. I'm just wondering wether to go back to another set of Hanwags, or try something else. Meindl? Lowa? Harkila? E.t.c. Any recommendations appreciated. I quite like the look of the harkila ones? This is for lace type boots, not wellingtons. I have quite broad feet. Thanks.

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    Bloody hell 14 years they need to go in some sort of hall of fame for boots,lol

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    As above if u got 14 yrs stick with hanwags if you fancy a change try altberg stark extreme

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    Quote Originally Posted by slack chamber View Post
    Bloody hell 14 years they need to go in some sort of hall of fame for boots,lol
    Must be all that oil I fed them!

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    not harkila! was thinking about some meindl dovre extremes myself

    Atb Matt

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    Last two pairs of boots have been harkilla. This time I went for meildl dovre extremes. Harilla were very good and I found them quite broad but there is a lot of stitching which means more to wrong and I found that the heather knocked the stuffing out of them. On the plus side they are very comfortable right from the box and the sole is, for a hunting boot quite soft so you can feel twigs/branches under your feet. The meildl is a great hill boot, really robust and the sole is very hard, really biting into the snow. Upshot of this ramble is that I use the harilla for my lowland roe and the meildls for highland reds.

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    You can not beat a pair of haix nebraska pro boots. Light weight, leather boots with good ankle support. Mine are two years old and as good as new

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    Meindl Dovre for wide feet and large calves. Try before you buy, order up online, distance selling laws come into effect and if they dont fit then return. I asked many a seller if the boots would fit wide feet and large calves and quite a few said not to buy as they would be of no use and i was very grateful for their honesty and i said so in reviews.

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    Harkila pro hunter's - comfortable out-of-the-box as mentioned above, hard wearing, properly waterproof and nice and warm - wouldn't buy anything else

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    Altbergs for me. Been wearing their boots for 15 years, still have the first pair from 15 years ago (field and fell) comfy out of the box and can be sent back to the factory for a full refurb for about 45. I have four pairs and the missus has two pairs....tried other brands but for me Altberg are the business !

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