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Thread: Result of Competition Prize Donated by Nielaj

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    Result of Competition Prize Donated by Nielaj

    Thanks to the generosity of Sako85 I was able to take advantage of the prize donated by Nielaj
    Sako 85 won the prize but, luckily for me, due to his work commitments, he was not able to take it.
    As I am an old age pensioner living on the breadline Sam felt sorry for me and asked Alex if I could stand in and Alex very kindly agreed.
    I arrived at the Estate nice and early to be greeted by a smiling Alex who promptly put me on the Quad and transported me to the other side of the Estate where we started our stalk.
    On stepping into the wood, there were so many slots I expected to be trampled by Deer
    unfortunately there were also Pony hoof prints, boot prints and dog paw marks also.
    The woodland was a mixture of belts of semi mature Beech, fir and hazel with wild hedges that had been taken over by 'old mans beard', lovely wind breaks and cover for Muntjac.
    It was a bright sunny day and being a Saturday, just the right conditions for Ramblers, dog walkers and Pony riders, we met them all. Whatever was going through Alex's mind when we met them I can only imagine
    We saw several Roe including a real beauty of a six pointer and a lovely Roe Doe quite well gone too, so fat, as if she was full of Christmas pudding
    I have never seen such skinny squirrels of which I saw several.
    We were still determined to find the Fallow or a Roe maiden but everything else was presenting itself and it was such a lovely day I just enjoyed the quiet beauty of the Scenery and animals at peace HOWEVER !!!
    On the last stretch of woodland before reaching the vehicle we spotted a movement in the brambles -------- a Muntjac
    It would not stand still and scuttled across our front for probably the best part of twenty five yards, all the time behind bramble with the occasional exposure but either facing us or with it's back to us.
    Eventually it was crossing an open area between two trees, so I took aim and fired It dropped on the spot
    Alex then had to get 'down and dirty' which made a change for me as that is usually my job.
    It was great just standing there watching him do the mucky bit while I poured myself a cup of coffee.
    I did think of offering him one but knew he couldn't because his hands were dirty
    I did give him a cup when he had finished and carried the carcas to the track for collecting later.
    We then sat on a Hillock overlooking a new plantation and watching the edge of a wood as the sun went down, it was an enjoyable end to a beautiful day.
    Thank you Sam and Alex.
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    Glad you had a great time Eddie courtesy of Sam and Alex

    Alex is a great fella to be out in the field with..

    Theres not many guys that have left his company without bagging one..


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Fantastic well done

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    Well done Eddy, (other) Alex and Sam! We'll have to swap Muntjac recipes!

    Nice to see you and Mrs Eddy at the game fair today too. I came away with a tub of H4350 powder and an even bigger tub of Chucklehead cider which I'm currently making a dent in!

    all the best,


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    Hi Alex,
    Nice to see you at the game fair too.
    That was my nurse really, I was out on 'day release'
    I saw the stall selling reloading bits, but I haven't bought anything for so long now, the prices frightened the life out of me.
    I saw loads of Cider for sale but am home now with a glass of whisky celebrating the end of a really enjoyable week-end, thanks mostly to folks from this site.

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    Thanks for that write up of your experience it sounds like you had a brilliant day, Hope theres going to be many more and i for one would like to hear of your well versed encounters.

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    "The woodland was a mixture of belts of semi mature Beech, fir and hazel with wild hedges that had been taken over by 'old mans beard', lovely wind breaks and cover for Muntjac." EMcC,(2010).

    I think this observation and description is a clear sign of the appreciation that Eddy has for the countryside...

    It was great to stalk with someone with so much experience, yet still such a love for the sport, his running commentary trying to coax firstly the roe doe and then the munty doe to present a shot made me smile...

    It was a real pleasure Eddy and I look forward to meeting yourself again in the near future...


    Ps If it hadn't been such a pleasant evening and just a joy to be out strolling in the countryside what was going through my mind when that family appeared with the springer and collie would have probably come out especially when the guy remarked pointing at the collie he/she is great at seeking out the deer i thought bet she is...

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    Thumbs up

    That was a really great gesture from sako85 eddie glad you had a great day,I would gladly recomend Alex and Phil to anybody looking to do some great no nonsense stalking never heard a bad word said about them well done chaps another happy customer

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    Congratulations to all - it's great when a story has a happy ending for all concerned!



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