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Thread: help! how to get rid of my cough

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    help! how to get rid of my cough

    HI all I am off out tomorrow deer stalking and got a very annoying cough and I need to cough every few min any ideas what will control it so i don't spook everything within a mile cheers shippers

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    Take a handkerchief to put over your mouth when you cough, and some Strepsils
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    ...and a flask of tea
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    Fishermans friends always have a packet handy

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    Try and turn your cough into a warning bark

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    Seem to remember reading that pineapple is good for helping not to cough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Seem to remember reading that pineapple is good for helping not to cough.
    Also stops puppies eating there own poo
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    Cycle your Blaser's action whenever the malady comes upon you. No deer will scarper due to your bronchial affliction.

    Only joshing. Any syrupy "over the counter" medicine will help.

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    ......take a triple dose of the most powerful bowel-opening laxative you can find. You won't d​are cough then.....
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