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Thread: Stuck Mod.

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    Stuck Mod.

    Hiya, Righty, before I start, this is NOT about me, my gun or my mod...

    My mate has a Ruger M77 in 243, he recently had it threaded, and put a T8 on it, after about 15 rounds, he tried to take the mod's bleedin solid, so he brought the gun along tonight, to see if mibbes two of us together could get it off the gun, wrapped it in tape to save marking the mod, and tried Stillsons on it, solid as a solid thing!!!!

    I'm wondering if the mod is a different thread....if it is, surely it should'nt be that tight, should it??? Or is it a trip to the gunsmith??

    Any thoughts gratefully received...

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    Hi Norrie. Hope you had a fine Hogmanay.
    Mid your pal only tightened it by hand,it's hard to understand what could have happened to cause it to unshiftable with Stilsons. If it was a different thread pattern he surely would have noticed that.
    Theres surely something you could spray on to loosed it,or if not apply some gentle heat and bring out the Stilsons again. Pleased it's not your rifle mate.

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    Hi I am sure its not but just by the off chance check its not reverse threaded.

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    Fire three or four shots rapidly then get the stilsons on it quickly this hasworked in the past on two rifles both with reflex mods on

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    He'd this happen a few times. But that was after a lot more than 15 rounds and with a 338 soak the whole area in we'd 40 and rap in rags. Then hold rifle in a clamp vice (well padded) the MOD should then twist of it just needs time for the oil to loosen the carbon unless the threading has been done very poorly. Confirm with your mate round count and how quickly they were fired in succession.

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    If the mod was threaded on by hand easily, it's unlikely to be an incompatible or reversed thread, more likely the relief cut / shoulder is not correct, & as daft as it sounds ....... are you turning the stillson's the correct way?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Fire a few shots rapid, then try and un screw it! the heat will expand the metal on the mod! Tell your mate to lay off the spinach in future!! sounds like hes put it on to tight to begin with! if that doesnt work, try soaking it with release oil, red diesel is a good release agent! wouldnt advise using stilsions on a reflex either! use a filter strap that wont crush the Mod!


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    Hi Guys, thanks for the great info, we'll be getting into it this evening when he gets back from a day on the hill....Actually, I hadnt thought about it being reverse threaded....I could have been tightening it instead of loosening it!!!! Will also get WD40 into it, and got plenty red kicking about too.

    I'll report back...

    Thanks again, and Happy New Year to you all..

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    When you get it off put some copper slip on the threads for next time.

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    If you still can't get the thing moving, remove the action from the stock, remove bolt and scope. Put what you have left in the freezer for a few hours or over night.
    Get a pan on the cooker big enough to fully submerge the mod, full with water and get a good boil going.
    Remove the frozen lump from the freezer and submerge only the mod in the water for a few seconds, try to unscrew.
    This should work, give it a few try's if you want, if not it looks like a hacksaw and a new mod.

    Good luck.

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