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Thread: Deer trays

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    Deer trays

    Seen these on ebay and wondered.Works out cheaper than B&Q and look a lot stronger,

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    I thought the same thing when we moved offices! However, they usually have holes in the bottom!


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    Plasterers bath from Travis Perkins got mine in the last year for just over 20 will fit three Sika in easy.


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    Hi jimbo

    Take a look at the plasterers bath's

    Very tough and easy to clean

    I was paying 18


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    posted at same time
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    i 2nd theplasterers bath , you can definately get 2 70kg red hinds in it without fail !


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    Laguna goldfish pond, by far the best i have seen or used. I think one of the troughs made from recycled tyres would be good as well

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    The problem with preformed pond liners is their irregular shape. It seems no one wants a square pond these days.

    The big problem with plasterers baths is they don't fit in your average saloon car boot, or the back of a lot of estates. Another problem with baths is if you leave it in or on the truck, getting the beast up and into it can be a right palaver, due to its high sides and rigidity, if you take it off the truck to aid placing the carcase in you then have to get the bath plus carcase back on the truck. Not the easiest of jobs single handed especially when dealing with the bigger species of deer.

    With all carcase trays you should also consider placing some form of plastic divider in the base to ensure the carcase is not laying in any blood run off.

    I use large horticultural planting trays. They will take fallow, sika, and red hinds without any problem. The sides are not to high and they are easily transported and stackable, so you can take more then one with you , which means you don't have to pile carcases in on top of one anther, which aids cooling and the avoidance of cross contamination.

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    There is always these for about 40

    Stackable, and anything inside is concealed from the outside world . The same firm also some the bottom divider meshes.
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    I use a trawler fish box that cost me nothing I found it washed up on the sea shore it had holes in each corner for drainage but those were soon plugged with 4 stainless bolts and washers bedded in silicone then cut off underneath works a treat and very ridged .I can if needed to, get 4 roe in it

    Similar to those Jim posted up and on Ebay at the moment
    we have all seen them stacked up on landing piers
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