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Thread: Cull experience

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    Cull experience

    Does anyone fancy giving me the opportunity to tag along during an organised cull?
    I wish to gain experience on best practice when carrying out a deer cull.
    Actual shooting is not what I am after, I have my own ground and am a competent stalker.
    Please send me a pm with contact details if your able to assist.

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    Jelen do cull days on park deer if that's of any use
    cheers Norma

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    Hi Gimlet

    It maybe worth looking at finding a deer farm and having a quick word with them see if you can tag along on a cull day.
    This was something I looked into when I was living in Manchester and just completed my DSC level 1 and wanted more experience in carcass inspection,I was at a farmers market and had a word with a guy that produced his own venison.
    Just a thought but it maybe be worth looking into.

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