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Thread: Two Flambeau plastic ammo boxes

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    Two Flambeau plastic ammo boxes

    As title two Flambeau plastic ammo boxes

    they will hold 50 rounds each box

    1st box States small rifle ammo eg 17 rem, 22LR, 222,223,3220,256,2520,22WCF,22JET,22hornet,218bee, .30cal

    2nd box States medium rifle ammo eg 32 win,3030win,303,35,300,358,224,308,220,6mm,444,22-250,250,244,243,25-35,257,219,22 sav

    all the calibres covered

    11 the pair posted
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    will take these pm on way.

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    Just waiting on a reply from Ian

    if if it's no they are yours

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    I'll pass on this thanks


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    Sold to RAY (dingdong) pending usual

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