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Thread: What's about down Devon / Cornwall ?

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    What's about down Devon / Cornwall ?

    Alright guys, picked up a bit of permission through a friend who's gone home for Xmas , I told her to have a word with her Uncle who's got afarm near the Bude area of Devon / Cornwall. She reckoned there was nout down there but after speaking to him apparently there's quite a few

    She said he was keen for me to come down as they're a bit of a nuisance on the farm and I've been recommended through the family

    Just as I haven't been down yet wondering if anyone is about that way n any ideas what to expect etc. Deffo gotta get down there n have a scout of the land

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    Large amount of Reds in the Halwill area which is not far from Bude. There will always be Roe.

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    plenty of red and Roe in the right area,what does he farm?

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    Hopefully get down there soon and have a browse etc, just thought I'd ask on here if anyone nearby knows what's about the area
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