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Thread: Hello at last !!

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    Cool Hello at last !!

    Hi everyone, due to the fact that my PC was made during the ice age, it has taken alot of help from the administrator to finally get me up and running. Iv'e been trying to log on since December. Anyway my names Ade and I have been stalking for 6 years, mainly Roe with the odd Fallow and Munty here and there, but have held Firearms and shotgun certificates for 22 years. Currently I am using a 270 wsm for deer and 243 for foxes and any other pesky varmints that get in my way been reloading for 9 years various calibers, but have now got loads that suit my rifles and do the job nicely. Enough about me. looking forward to talking to other like minded people.

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    welcome taff plenty of info on here whereabouts you live

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    Welcome to the site Ice Age Man. I to use a .270win and a .243 for much the same. What loads do you use for foxing in your .243.


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    John, for charlie I use 90gr speer sp over 39gr varget, federal gold match primer sitting in a Lapua case. I also use the same charge for 87gr V-max, but don't have any of them left at the moment, but boxes of 90gr sp's. The load is officially hot as most loading manuals recomend 36-37gr of varget as max, but I had a mate run details of rifle, barrel length, make of head, weight, powder make. etc, etc through the sierra infinty program and this is what it threw out. Shoots well and any charlie who gets in its way is FUBAR. The load is only for winter use, from may sep I drop the charge by two grains. I have also used 58gr V-max over 48gr of H4831sc, good load but it doesn't make such big holes!!................


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    welcome to the site mate one more from wales


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