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Thread: dsc 1 info

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    dsc 1 info

    hi guys im thinking of doing my dsc1 soon can any one give me any info on what i need to do it and who to book it with?

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    Russ, I'm a newbee to the forum, but I did my level 1 a while ago. If you buy the shooting times there is usually an advert in the classified section listing the dates and locations of the next assessment days. BDS telephone number 01425 655434 or web either call them or check out the web site as they will be able to tell you where your nearest course will be held. Don't worry about what you need to know as if I remember right there is a comprehensive manual that is included in the price, and it is sent to you weeks before hand. Still have mine somewhere in the house.

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    As above Russ but you are not limited to BDS, BASC run a similar scheme and you cant be to far from John Snowden at Greenlee.
    Best bet is call whoevr you pay your insurance to and see what they have on offer in or close to your location at worst they will point you in the right direction.
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    I would be happy to recommend Ronnie Rose, at Eskdalemuir. I took Level one in 2003 after 27 years stalking without, as I did not and still do not believe in compulsory examination. I thought I would not learn much. How wrong I was. A friend who did the course with me and who had stalked for 20 years, felt the same. Ronnie was also the least expensive at the time. Check out his website.

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    A friend of mine also did his with Ronnie Rose, & he couldn't praise the guy & the set up enough.
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    Got to admit I'd not do any training courses with the BDS, and would use BASC everytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sako85 View Post
    Got to admit I'd not do any training courses with the BDS, and would use BASC everytime.
    Any reason or is it loyalty to BASC?

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    as your a target shooter I assume you know of Paul Lane club which is on your doorstep
    my son is doing his level one with them at present and they are spot on
    if you get in quick there is another course being run in June

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    cheers mate yes i know of paul lane ill give them a ring soon. do i need my own deer rifle when doing the dsc1 as at the moment i dont actualy have a deer rifle.

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    They should be able to lend you one though you'll probably have to join the club or whatever,you can also use a deer legal load in a .22cf also if you have one.

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