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Thread: Hello from Ireland!

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    Hello from Ireland!

    Hi lads and Lassies, Love the site so far, im a newbie by most of the standards here, only finished my third season stalking here and im totally addicted to being out in the wild and Deer stalking. Im 25 years old and i hunt Fallow with my Ruger M77 Hawkeye in .243.

    Its pretty easy to get stalking permission in my area, i have a few thousand acres permission on a few farmlands surounding state forestry, (which i refuse to pay for considering im doing them a favour!) in Counties Waterford and Tipperary, and ive got permission on a small private forest so im kept happy enough! We only have Fallow at the moment but theres been Sika and Red Deer seen and shot in the surrounding counties. Im here to learn as much as i can about Stalking and hopefully someday travel over to England to Stalk a Roe Buck or Muntjac, also maybe to get a shooting buddy, none of my mates are interested really!....... whimps!..

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    welcome to the site
    it's always good to see the younger gen getting in on the action
    never shot in ireland myself to date, it's on the must do list
    shame about your mates as they don't know what they are missing

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    Welcome to the site, was over in Ireland a couple of weeks ago stalking goats and fallow in Tipperary and then over to Wicklow getting amongst some Sika hinds.
    You have some great ground over there, the lads are coming over from Ireland to stalk some Roe and Muntjac with us in May and they can't wait.


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    Fáilte Isteach.

    There a couple of us on here from the north and a few from down Wicklow and Wexford direction.

    From what I hear, if you keep your head down, the munties will turn up down there any time soon....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Welcome AnSealgaire,

    I'm in east Wicklow, fallow and sika country. I mostly stalk near home on a few blocks of hardwood plantations. Also stalk an area of conifer plantation for sika in the west of the county. I don't get many on my home ground even though the nocturnal feckers are crapping right beside my garden. I tend to do a bit more at pheasants etc but i'd happily swap some of that time for a bigger effort at the stalking.

    I am changing an old Brno .243 for an almost new Ruger M77 mk II .243 that my brother currently has. The leftie has finally managed to get hold of a lh Tikka 595. I like the Ruger as a handy pointable rifle for the woods.

    Lá fhéile maith agat.
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    Cheers guys,thanks for the welcome! Go raibh maith agaibh don fáilte! Yeah im hoping to see some munties soon,their almost legend around here now ha ha, you wont be disapointed with the Ruger M77 anyway FieryBrown, Lá féile Pádraig doibh go léir!

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