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Thread: FC Leases ?

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    FC Leases ?

    After reading through various posts on this forum, I now feel I have to put pen to paper, or finger to key !

    I have run a syndicate on FC land for over ten years, at first one block of around 1800 acres, with 6 rifles, and we took around 20 to 30 roe off it per year with the occassional red.

    Then after 5 years I gained 2 more blocks about another 4,000 acres, which at the time I thought was expensive, after a while another part of the middle block was added, taking the ground to over 6,000 acres.

    I could have split the ground into 3 seperate leases, putting 6 rifles on each block, but instead I kept it has one syndicate but with twelve members, thats 4 members per block, and keeping the cost wright for everyone, and we take off around 80 to 100 roe per year and around 5 to 10 red.

    I have always run the syndicate has fair has possible, I do not make any money from it,
    sometimes it costs me, but I do it because I would not be able to afford it by myself, so for those of you who are pointing fingers just be aware that there maybe individuals out there who run syndicates because they love to stalk, and not to make a fast buck.

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    Sikaside I think that anyone who knows you or has even had contact with you will know that you are one of the "stalkers" in life and not a,sydicate from the fireside type, it is unfotunate that there are a few out there who run there syndicates for profit in a somewhat devious way, i have no objection at all to yhe profesional stalkers who do it up front, its the guys who are little more than con men who give our voction in life a bad name,that i object to.

    It kind of anoys me that you feel you have to defend yourself, just because someone else feels badly done to!.

    End of rant.

    keep the pecer up, Dry powder.


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    Hi Sikaside. I think we all know that amongst those that hold leases and refuse to supply syndicate members details to those paying to be part of the lease and rip off those ontributing to the syndicate, there are honest stalkers and leaseholders like yourself. I would like to hope that there are more of you than of the other. I have been bitten twice in Dumfries and Galloway, so I know how it feels to be let down. It was refreshing to read of how you administer your lease. I have been lucky enough to have had twelve years now in a happy syndicate, where the six members are friends, trust each other and believe in helping towards the common good. Like you say, there is no profit in such a syndicate, only the pleasure of frendship and stalking. We have similar cull targets as you have. Long may your syndicate flourish.

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    Schwarzwild, I would say that a good many stalkers would consider your twelve years of pleasure a most healthy balance sheet, too many of the money men out there at present, I am myself most fortunate like you to have many friends in the hunting communities.
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    [QUOTE=finnbear270;85152] too many of the money men out there at present.

    Like bankers. How does that till sound ? KAJING!! What music.

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    Thank you, I find it very frustating when I read comments on here regarding so called syndicates/ lease holders, I do realise that there are people out there who are just ripping other people off, I know I have been there, but then there are individuals who gennuinley love there sport.

    Once again chaps thanks.

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