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Thread: Brand new, unfired Sako 85 Hunter .375H&H

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    SOLD: Brand new, unfired Sako 85 Hunter .375H&H


    Sako 85 Hunter in .375 H & H.

    The rifle is brand new and has only been fired at the Proof House. It was ordered, paid for, but not collected by a friend of mine in Portugal. His circumstances have now changed and he wants to sell it to recoup some funds. I am dealing with the sale on his behalf because he feels his English is not good enough.

    It is a standard Sako 85 Hunter with 23.5" barrel with open sights (not screwcut), magnum action with blued finish and walnut stock. It comes with new Optilock mounts with 30mm rings that are the right height for a 42mm objective scope. The rifle is fitted with a Holland & Holland leather & canvas safari sling and comes with a very smart new Holland & Holland 'anti-shock' leather & canvas rifle case.

    (There is also a BNIB Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10 x 42L scope with 4Ai ret' for sale separately).

    He paid 1,700 for the rifle and probably another 200 for the scope furniture, case and sling. I've advised him that .375H&H is not a commonly used calibre in the UK so he needs to be realistic about what it's now worth.

    With this in mind, he is asking 1,150 or nearest sensible offer

    The rifle is stored here in the UK and I can arrange viewing, shipping etc. If you are interested, please contact me via PM.


    By the way, if someone pays pretty near the full asking price, I can probably persuade him to chuck in a first hunt with the rifle in Portugal, chasing one of his very fine Red stags or a Boar...
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    That's a good deal and if I didn't already have a Brno 602 in 375H&H ....


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    is the scope the mark 1 or 2, as I'm looking for the original without the complete nonsensical illumation system.

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    It was purchased new very recently, so I understand it is the Generation 2 Z6i with the pronounced semicircular illumination pod on the occular.

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    Thank you for all of the interest - this rifle and scope are now sold, subject to the usual small print.


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