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Thread: Bravecto versus Nexgard?

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    Bravecto versus Nexgard?

    Would any of the Vets care to share their current opinions regarding these tablet based flea and tick control treatments?

    Specifically the reason I am trying the Nexgard on the dogs is because Frontline and Advocate (I know Advocate does not do ticks) both need 48 hours before they become less affected by the dog getting wet which is pretty difficult this time of year.

    I fancied Bravecto but my Vet Practice only offered Nexgard.

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    broadly speaking you appear to get longer duration of action from bravecto vs nexgard. (8-12 weeks depending on tick species vs 4 weeks)
    bravecto claims to kill ticks in 12 hours as apposed to 48 hours for nexgard but that is based only on one tick species.

    If bravecto is less than twice as expensive as nexgard then it probably makes sense!

    I have no direct experience of nexgard but bravecto seems quite popular. If i were you, ask the practice for what you want, they should be able to order it in for you next day.

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    We sell Nexgard because we buy the Merial vaccines and get better terms. It means I can sell it cheaper. I'm using Nexgard on my dogs and it seems effective and well tolerated. I tried some Broadline when launched and was happy with that too. I'd struggle to forma preference, but it seems easier giving the dogs a tablet on the first of the month (Nexgard) rather than trying to remember the dog is due in 3 months time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    it seems easier giving the dogs a tablet on the first of the month (Nexgard) rather than trying to remember the dog is due in 3 months time!
    a very very valid point! Routine treatments are easy to forget, and other factors being similar, this becomes a very strong argument.

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    Thank you both. Much of a muchness for effect and side-effect then...

    The receptionist gave us the one for larger dogs by mistake, double the dose, and I ummed and aahed about cutting them in half or driving back to the vets and swapping them over. We actuality were able to combine it with another trip and swapped them. It would have made financial sense to cut them though, they would have given us 6 months dosage instead of three if I could have been sure the drugs were evenly distributed throughout the tablet….

    Neither dog had any reaction at all and no sign of fleas, win! win!

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