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Thread: beretta silver pigeon 1 20b

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    beretta silver pigeon 1 20b

    hello. i baught this from SGC about a month ago on a bit of a wim really and wished i baught a 12 ever since. not because there is something wrong with the gun i just have more confidence with a 12. i have fired 150 carts through the gun at the clays and about 35 roost shooting so the gun is mint as you would expect. it has 30 inch barres and is multi choked, it will come with a hard case and all the chokes it came with, i also have 465 carts (hull high pheasant 28gr 5 shot) i would sell with the gun.
    the gun is absolutley mint, i will be looking for the same gun in 12b but would also have a browning etc?

    rfd will give me 1100 against another new one in 12 so lookng fot the same if anyone wants it.

    thanks all


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    Damn it! I would have had this had it been closer. Looking for one of these or a B725 (20g). Good luck with sale.

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    Bump, can travel a reasonable distance, thanks

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    still for sale.

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    Can you post some photographs please? Also would you send it recorded mail?

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    I'm sure he means via a rfd......

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    Sorry gun now sold. Recorded delivery?

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