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Thread: I've got cow in the wood!

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    I've got cow in the wood!

    Hi all. Would having cows in the woods chase deer away? Since the farmer put his cows (about 20) in the wood I stalk, the deer have disappeared from all their usual haunts. So much so that the last twice I've been, I've not seen a thing. I know they are still knocking about in the top end where it's thick and very hard to stalk up on them. All the signs are there but it's so noisy walking, they must be hearing me coming... Any advice. Ta. cjs

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    This came up when I was talking to Sikamalc the last time I was out with him and I remember him saying that Roe don't like to share land with Livestock, so will not come back onto such land for a week or so after the livestock have left. I am sure an expert will be along in a minute to give us the whole story, as I would be interested to know which deer do this. I seem to remember that he said that Fallow are not usually bothered by livestock (but could be wrong)

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    From my limited experiance, it depends on the size of the field, we used to have 42acre park. 150milkers and we would get fallow and reds in there, not in amongst them but in the same field, same for sheep, roe we did not see, but then again this is the new forest, so the deer see other livestock all the time.

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    2p worth
    And be interested in the outcome of the post, I have Had this with roe and sheep but shot lots of roe in woods and fields that cows use , seen fallow on farms that have had cattle In or around the same fields.

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    It's Roe only and they've only changed there haunts since the cows have gone into the woods. The cows have always been in the fields around the woods. The farmer puts them in the front part of the wood this time of year out of the weather,(no cow shed) they are also fed in the front part so just hang around there. I'd of thought the deer would of been used to them but ? Do you think things will return to normal in a while or am I going to have to change my approach? And if so how? cjs

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    Don't know about roe but from my experience with sika is they don't like sharing with sheep and fallow didn't pal around with horses. I had to pack in a lease that horses had taken over.

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    I've never seen any deer in a field or hill which has or recent had sheep in it - even in the depths of winter when in-lamb ewes were being fed with hay and pellets. It usually takes a few showers of rain to "clean" the land.

    I'd say from experience the effect is less with cattle - but still there. I've taken a couple of roe this year from fields with cattle in, but when the ground gets poached round feeders they don't seem to come anywhere near.

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    I can't imagine a load of cows poaching the ground will do much for the woodland floor or the available browse. I dare say the deer have retreated to the thick stuff as that's where the remaining food is.


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    Cows seem to be very effective at deterring roe.

    However, if they're removed in time for the spring flush, the weeds that grow back where they've been trampling seem to be very attractive, and the roe arrive back in numbers a week or two after the cows are gone. I had one area that had cows in it for far too long over a wet winter, and it looked like the Somme. No roe seen in that field for about 6 months. In the month after the cows were taken out (late April-May), I shot 9 roe in less than an acre. Sadly, there are now sheep in that field more or less permanently, and I hardly ever see roe there (plenty over the fence).

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