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Thread: Remington 597

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    Remington 597

    Hi im looking for the iron sights off a Remington 597 wmr , and any other spares like firing pin's mags etc . thanks

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    The UK Remington distributor is now SMK

    Have you tried asking them whether they can supply the parts you need?
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    Got my 597 Magnum Magazines from rifle mags good price & great service ...
    Remington - Remington 597 Magnum -
    I have a ongoing 597 Magnum Winter Project , if you cant find what you are looking for here in the UK let me know I maybe able to help, I'm about to send a list of parts i need to my friend in Montana.
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    I may have a set around somewhere

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    Thanks everyone for you help etc . I did find rimfire mags and waiting for delivery , bonus they were on sale half price . So just the other bits to find

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