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Thread: Sako A7 opinions

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    Sako A7 opinions

    I would appreciate members opinions on the Sako A7 in .243 as a stalking / target rifle and any advice on reloads for 100grn .243 .

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    I love mine, original thread here.

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    Have a look at the second half of this program, gives an insight to the A7 roughtech in 243.

    The Shooting Show – new year foxing and the Sako A7 Roughtech | The Shooting Show

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    Thank you both for your replies. I guess it's attention to detail ( rifling, crown, bedding, etc ) that gives Sako their reputation for accuracy, Many thanks

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    Happy new year mate, You getting rid of the Remington you brought off me then?

    Atb Matt

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    Pleasure Gary. With 18-months use under the belt, the one thing that annoys me is the 3-round magazine capacity. This is fine for stalking, but a few more would be nice for night time foxing. I still plan to add a .308 in due course and am harking after the new Sako 85 Synthetic Black. Compared to the 85, the A7 feels slimmer in the hands. Perhaps it would be worth a visit to a gun shop to try one in the hands to see how it fits? Indeed, doing that was what brought me to choose the A7 over the Tikka T3.

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    I luv my A7 but alas it's that silly 7mm08 calibre not. 243 . I previously owned other Sakos and really rate the A7 rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by 09mutley05 View Post

    Happy new year mate, You getting rid of the Remington you brought off me then?

    Atb Matt
    Hi Matt, happy new year, Since I got the Sako 591 .308 I appear to have caught the Sako bug. I would really like to put in for a 6.5x55 but I am not sure what the firearms officer would say as I already have a .308. So just trying to find out people's thoughts about the A7 in .243. Cheers, Gary

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    I believe 6.5 is in the home office guidance as acceptable for fox control so I reckon you'd be ok but if you don't ask you wont get.

    Atb Matt

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    I know what you mean since getting a .243 sako 75 im looking for another sako 75 in .308 for stalking to replace my 7mm08. Have you been to a gun shop and handled a few rifles, the shooting shows coming up, good opportunity to handled a few rifles and see what suits you best.

    Atb Matt

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