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Thread: Stock repacement for BSA Hunter

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    Stock repacement for BSA Hunter

    Hi everyone... first post in the forum here.

    A friend is selling a BSA Hunter chambered on REM .222. I really like the rifle and Im willing to buy it. Unfortunately, the stock (not original) is broken on the action side of the bolt. Although the rifle can be used that way, Ill love to find a replacement for it. Being an older rifle, I have not yet come to find a stock to fit.
    So Im asking your help here, Is there a stock from another model or manufacturer I can use? I bought from Boyds a shotgun stock and forend a couple of years ago and my experience was great so, Ill be glad if some of their products can be used for this rifle. If not, maybe you guys can point me in the right direction.

    Im guessing that someone who has done some customizing might give me some hilights on this subject too. Ill be really grateful for any help since Ill love to have this particular rifle in a nice looking brand new stock.

    Thank you all for reading and have a 2015 year of good shooting.

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    Postage to 'Mexico' could get expensive ?
    I have an original wooden BSA stock that fits the .22Hornet short action. It is a spare and I have partially stripped the finish before deciding to refinish the original stock on my BSA .22Hornet. So it would need stripping and refinishing. However it is sound with no damage.
    I am not sure whether it would fit the .222 BSA short action directly, without some modification, however others on here may know the answer to that.
    Hopefully you will get a better offer but bear this one in mind.
    A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

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    Hi Uncle Norm... Sorry It took me so long to come back with a replay. You bet Ill keep in mind your offer... thanks.
    Unfortunately, I have not have any luck, nobody has confirmed if a 22 hornet stock will work for a .222 Rem. I think it will since both calibers belong to a short action category. However Ill like to have more certainty before going for it. Ill keep looking on this and other forums for some other information.
    Ill keep in touch. Take care.

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    No luck so far. Still looking....

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