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Thread: Anyone familar with Auld Scots/Rabbie Burns?

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    Anyone familar with Auld Scots/Rabbie Burns?

    Alright folks, bit of a strange 1.

    Any burns officinado's or folk used to the auld scots dialect? My knowledge of burns is not great

    Long story short i've bought an od ruin to renovate to move into, sometime... and looking for a name for it.
    I'm 99% certain it has been an old wash/laundry house for the big house when it was first built back in 1870's or so (part of a small group of houses scattered about the policies close to an old big estate house, originally would all be estate/houe workers houses) Sadly the estate is all split up now
    In more recent years afore it was abandoned it wash used for some forestry work.

    So something catchy in auld scots either laundry or forestry related.
    Thought about 'The Rutters Howf' but sounds a bit pornographic or is that my dirty mind

    So was thinking of a name in auld scots to reflect this. I have just found the DSL dictionery (last time i searched it didnae come up) so have found a couple of words (launer, and sonsie, but i thought sonsie meant something totally different so might confuse folk)
    Possibly 'Auld Launer hoose' might work but most folk will think i've made a spelling mistake (which knowing me is more than likely)

    Any ideas???

    Cheers in advance

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    Stuart you crack me up mate, you are asking others to suggest a name for your house that sounds Scottish. Why you are the only man I know who writes in pure Scottish brogue.

    I suppose as it was an old laundry house simply calling it "Old Scrubbers" or "Scrubbers Lodge" won't do? I always wanted a place that I could title ??????? lodge myself, delusions of grandour possibly but my dream is always of a very small place and possibly the name Currumbin after a place in Australia.

    P.S. Don't change mate, I love it. Good luck with the move mate
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    How about"Lay the Graith", its an old Scots word with several meanings one of which involves laundry or clothes washing. My grandmother used it when an item of work clothing was so dirty it killed the suds.


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    The property sounds a bit of a handful so how about...

    "Twa roarin' handfu' and a daud"

    It's from the poem "Nine Inch Will Please a Lady"

    You may have trouble getting it all in though (on the sign I mean).

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    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    What about. . .

    The auld mole hole.

    The sheep worriers rest.

    The Yaggers Return.

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    Please consider... Bowf Howf?

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    The auld steamy.
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    r/d will know he was in hes class

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    Billy Connolly bought a Lodge, allegedly just hooked by the name - Gruntfuttock Lodge.

    A pretty thin scots link mind you!
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    One for the laundry side
    Aw synd oot

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