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Thread: blaser mak mount

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    blaser mak mount

    Anyone using the blaser 2 part mak mounts they seem really cheap is there a reason why ?

    Blaser MAK 30mm Mounts - Swillington Shooting Supplies

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    I would suggest because the description says they are "none quick detachable", which sort of defeats the object of a Blaser really. I'd rather spend the extra 100 and retain the convenience.

    The one-piece MAK mounts are good though.
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    I believe Blaser mounting system was initially patented but the patent has run out recently and many more options now available. You can get new QD mounts for around 250 or Blaser original S/H for 200, the one in the link are not that cheap considering they are fixed... I am not sure you can mount all the scopes on that first ring, my scopes often are almost touching objective/tube shoulder if that makes sense...

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