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Thread: A year in the woods.

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    A year in the woods.

    I've just received a copy of the above book, which was reviewed in the Daily Telegraph recently. The author is Colin Elford, who is an FC Ranger in Dorset. It's as much as about nature in general as stalking, but is proving very hard to put down. I'm not on commission by the way!

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    Is it widely available?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Basil, I got it from Telegraph Books, but there's a few suppliers that come up when you put it into Google.

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    E bay!!!!!! 14.98 free p&p

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    only 8.99 from Amazon

    Thanks for the recommendation, I was looking for a new read since finishing Richard Prior's 'Humble Pie'


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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    only 8.99 from Amazon

    Thanks for the recommendation, I was looking for a new read since finishing Richard Prior's 'Humble Pie'


    And I suggested ebay at nearly 15 quid I feel I need to eat a bit of my own humble pie

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    just finshed humble pie myself, so think I'll be heading over to amazon in a moment!



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    I'm currently reading The Roe Deer: Conservation of a Native Species by Richard Prior, It's a great read, usually retails at 45 but managed to get a copy off e bay for 25.

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    Another great read is Lea MacNally's "Highland Year". Only a few quid from Amazon for a hardback. His affection for deer is evident but it's not just deer he writes about. It was first published in 1968 and the times he's writing of are probably late 50's on wards but it's pretty timeless.
    It's going on 40 years since I first read this and am reading it again now, it's still good.


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    Just finished reading "A Year in the Woods" by Colin Elford this evening on the flight back from Germany. What an enjoyable read! There are some lovely observations on the life of a Forest Ranger and the wildlife that he encounters (a particularly nice piece about watching badger cubs sticks in the mind). There's also a lot about deer stalking - but I'm still no wiser about the make of rifle he uses, the scope that's on top of it or the binos he prefers

    A couple of passages really resonated:

    "Shooting a medal buck is no different from shooting a doe, and it certainly does not make you a better stalker" - very much my experience. Both the gold medal trophies I have on the wall (one roe, one muntjac) happened to appear from nowhere and stand broadside on less than 50 metres away.

    "If you can go stalking and feel no pain yourself when you take a life or wound an animal, then you are not fit for the purpose". Nuff said!

    If anyone's been reading the separate thread about Stalking Magazine and reminiscing about enjoying those articles then I'd say 'read this book'.


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