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Thread: .270 factory loads any suggestions

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    .270 factory loads any suggestions

    Evening folks just a quick one. I shoot Winchester PowerPoint 130gr at the moment and always been reasonable round but think it might be time to try a newer load and see if it suits my rifle better. Any recommendations ??

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    When I'm not using home loads I am a very big fan of any blue box federal ammo. i have bought some of the blue box 130grn soft points for my .270 and I am confident they will shoot well

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    Remington 130gr corelock. Excellent round and very accurate in my experience. Bullet retains weight very well from experience of recovering heads from deer iv shot. Had 1 go down to 97gr and that hit shoulder ribs then shoulder and was lodged under the skin on the opposite side. This was a roe doe at 220yds.

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    I reload for mine, but my pal uses RWS 130gr H-Mantel to good effect.

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    Norma SP 130g have been a great factory round for me over the years. They are not the cheapest by any means but suit my old browning so happy to pay a bit extra for something that works. These have accounted for all sizes of deer from munty to big Reds and the hardy Sika.

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    Up until now I've used Federal Powershok in 130gr & found them excellent

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    I'm just starting to look into this myself.

    Has anyone tried the Hornady 140gr SST superformance?

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    No longer buy factory
    but 25 years of shooting norma 130gr SP
    tried Winchester, federal. Remington, rws and always came back to 130gr Norma

    not a fan of SST's in any calibre to be honest,
    as the .270 is already north of 3000fps I am not sure it is a cartridge that requires the "Superformance" treatment.
    sounds like a recipe for on site soup

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    I'll be looking to slow mine down to around 2700fps once my reloading kit finally gets here (zero points to Sportsmanguncentre on this one................ordered 23rd December and STILL not here) A friend loaded me some rounds last year at around this speed with 130gr bullets & it was very sweet. I hope to replicate that load

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    I have a circa 2800fps 130gr load which works a charm.

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