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Thread: D day veteran dies

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    D day veteran dies

    The old boy who did a runner to attend the last d-day celebrations has gone.

    I say old boy respectfully because that's how he and a lot of them looked when they were enjoying themselves, boys in old men's bodies.

    D-Day veteran 'escapee' Bernard Jordan dies aged 90 - BBC News
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    RIP. True heroes. I loved the story at the time, reminded me so much of my late grandads spirit. Also brings back memories of an episode of police interceptor s or something similar. A policeman came accross a veteran trying to get to France for a commemoration event, but his car had broken down. Got to hand it to the policeman he at very short notice secured him a hirecar and the chap got over to France. Sadly, the old chap died whilst out there, but as it stated in the program died amongst friends and it was very fitting that he made it over there.

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    There are many incredible stories about soldiers of days gone by.
    Take a look at this guy.

    BBC News - Adrian Carton de Wiart: The unkillable soldier.

    God bless them all and I hope we never have a need to call on their kind again.


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    And they call sports personalities `Heroes`
    The likes of this man we will never see again.
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    a true legend and proof that your fighting spirit never wanes even if your body can't keep up with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joed View Post
    A policeman came accross a veteran trying to get to France for a commemoration event, but his car had broken down
    I remember that one. The old fella was pretty grateful right enough.

    I wonder how many of todays youngsters will be as appreciative of our war veterans in years to come? many of the youngsters I know barely realise there's conflict going on, far less have any understanding of it

    Changed days, indeed

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil View Post
    and they call sports personalities `heroes`
    the likes of this man we will never see again.


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    God rest his soul. Real men with real guts, we owe them so much.
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    Just read that his wife of over 50 years has died exactly a week later:
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    God rest both of there souls.
    once a soldier always a soldier and I'm sure if there is a heaven and hell the old and bold will be living it up there big style.

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