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Thread: Anyone fancy woodland Doe stalking this weekend? 10/11th

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    Anyone fancy woodland Doe stalking this weekend? 10/11th

    Strathspey area.

    Anyone interested should preferable live in the area and must have; FAC, own rifle, level 1 (2), relevant insurance/public liability and own transport.

    No fee.

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    HH that is a great offer! - I would take you up on it if it was in about 3 weeks - till then I'm stuck till my pup Paddy has been fully innoculated.


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    Hi Ian,
    Ill keep you in mind for the next couple of months.

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    Would like to take you up on the offer but live a couple of hours drive away.

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    Sounds a great offer, hope the weather holds.

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    Where about are you mate,am in lossiemouth moray.
    Regards Neil

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    It's a wood between Aviemore and Grantown.

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    Thats a great offer, wish i could take you up on that, but working over weekend, i think the weather is going to be wild over weekend mate.

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    That's why I'm stalking, can't go skiing or climbing!

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    Hi HH that's a very nice offer, I would take you up on that but I'm going to the hinds tomorrow , I tried today but all routes north were blocked.

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