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    I feel, as i must put the record straight. Over the last few days a"doyen" of this site has been castigated for his choice of clothing (and accessories).

    It may seem to many, that i may have been instumental or at least partly to blame for his exposure to the viewers of this site, if not the world. Well, i`ve got broad shoulders and i take it on the chin for my mistakes in life. This time it`s no different;

    it wasn`t me, it was steyr also, sikamalc and stone, oh! and tika.

    TONY M.

    Chintz, roses and realtree!; must have got dressed in the dark!

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    Glad to see you left my name out Tony. I owe you a pint mate.

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    Do i get a pint as well mate

    You should se his baby pink landrover

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