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Thread: RTA-Wild Boar near Swindon

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    RTA-Wild Boar near Swindon

    Caught the back end of the BBC South news. Person killed on M4? Near Swindon. Any one hear about this.

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    Was a wee snippet in the sun today. Said a driver hit it then hit a wagon.
    According to paper and polis it was a 'wild' wild boar but near to a boar farm but he has still got all his.

    U'd wonder how 1 got on to a Mway? Surprised no one else posted this earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrryboy View Post
    Surprised no one else posted this earlier.
    They did, 24hrs earlier (twice).

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    rated a whole page in the stun,very unfortunate the boar repopulate large areas its bound to happen again.everyone see,s the dead foxes n badgers on our roads .stands to reason wild boar are going to try and cross roads to expand their territory .

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