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Thread: Shooting in Memphis tennasee USA

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    Shooting in Memphis tennasee USA

    Heading to graceland prob march with the Mrs, so looking for shooting opertunities while im there, deer, boar or whatever is available any advice or info much appreciated
    also going to be driving from Memphis to Las Vegas, so would consider any shooting along the way
    cheers in advance
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    There are some full auto ranges in Vegas if your interested , everything from M-60's to Miniguns ( electric drive Gatling Guns ) . The full autos can get expensive , but they're fun . As far as hunting goes , about the only thing open would be Pigs . There are a lot of them in Tennessee and the Appalachians . Maybe Southern or the rest of the boys done that way would be able to help you out . I'm sure one of them will chime in .


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    Miley cyrus & justin timberlake live there they may be in...
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    And my travelling companions are
    guns & empty crackers
    I'm looking at guns & empty crackers
    but I've reason to believe
    we all will be received
    in Graceland

    "Men Who Stare at Deer."

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    Deer season will be closed in March so no chance there. Arkansas has some high fence hog hunts but most are not very sporting. The snow geese will have migrated north by then so waterfowling is done also (but if you had got there in early Feb you could have at the snows with an unplugged shotgun and your chance to see 1000 birds decoying at a time).

    it won't be done yet, but the Pyramid on Mud Island will soon house one of the largest Bass Pro shops in the US.

    if you are looking for a bit of shooting I would suggest taking the Southern route to Vegas via Texas. There should be some exotic hunts along with hogs and spring turkey.

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    Oh, by the way, you want to revise the name of your thread.

    You see, Memphis happens to have a quite an active criminal component in certain parts of town. The words "shooting" and "Memphis " usually means something quite different.

    I would suggest Delta (which encompasses the area within about a 100 mile radius of Memphis) and Hunting.

  7. #7 Might be a good place to start. Probably need to find something around Amarillo if you are taking the straight drive from Memphis to Vegas. Remember, Texas is HUGE (as big as Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands combined) so if you try to hunt there, make sure where they conduct the hunts.

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