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Thread: Repairing blued barrels advice please - cold blue etc...

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    Repairing blued barrels advice please - cold blue etc...

    Has anyone had any experience of such products?

    I'm thinking about trying it on a rifle which has it's blueing rubbed off around where the overbarrel moderator bushing rubs. Just wondering how good a close match I am likely to be able to get, and how well it lasts??

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    Works OK easy to apply but find it does not last very long.

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    I have used Birchwood Super Blue on bare spots on a couple of shotguns. Did the job for me and seems to last OK. I did rub down a particularly tatty single barrel Winchester and do the complete thing, which ended up looking better than touching in spots here & there. None of these products will ever rival a professional re-blueing in terms of cosmetic finish, but if you just want to provide some protection to bare metal without shelling out a load of dosh then they do the job.

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    Many thanks. Cheers fellas.

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