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Thread: any advice ??

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    any advice ??

    hi everyone,i`m brian,i`m 43 years old from carlisle,cumbria. I`m returning to shooting after a few years away . I currently hold a F.A.C. and have 2 rifles (at the moment !)..a 17hmr,and a 223 which i use for rabbits,crows,foxes etc. I`m really interested in taking up stalking and would be grateful for any advice/tips that would help me...
    Cheers !!

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    Some thoughts:
    Sign up for a DSC Level I course.
    Ask around for folk to take you out stalking or pay for a day at red hinds.
    Join BDS -
    Keep an eye open for any DCS Best Practice events just over the border in Scotland.
    Have fun, be patient. Rgds JCS

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    Hi Brian if you are interested in doing your DSC 1 get in touch with Ronnie Rose at ESKDALEWILDLIFE
    I am also from Carlisle and Eskdalemuir is by far closer than any of the courses BASC are running , Passed my level 1 with him last weekend done mine over 2 days sat/sun so no need to take 4 days of work.

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    Hi brian, I've just moved down to cumbria and got a bit of land that has a few deer on it- as well as more than a few foxes! I've got a bit of land up in scotland too with deer. Give me a p.m sometime if you fancy having a go at some roe! I'm out towards brampton about half an hour from carlisle.

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