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Thread: After some goose shooting for a day on woodcock/snipe over HPR's

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    After some goose shooting for a day on woodcock/snipe over HPR's

    Hi All

    Out recently with the lady I have a lease with that we work the dogs together, and were discussing how the dogs would get on with geese retrieval. Anyway got me thinking is anyone after a day on the woodcock/snipe in North Wales that would allow us to come and shoot with them for geese not too far away from here really but anything considered. I guess I was thinking inland Canada Geese in the summer but again anything considered.

    As for our shoot, we have a cracking woodcock and snipe shoot, all walked up over our munsterlanders, and put up on average a great number of birds. Usually no more than 3 guns, often just me shooting over both our dogs. PM me for more details.

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    I can vouch for this little shoot, plenty of wild game, here's my write up from before Christmas......
    A mixed bag over HPR's
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Before we took it on under the previous friend of mine I had my right and left woodcock, having had over three opportunities in the previous 3 years there!

    The left and right woodcock!

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    If i knew you had a chance Id take you for a morning flight over decoys, but they've dissapeared the last few weeks,rather hit n miss pardon the pun.

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    I am in no real rush, so as an when Gelert if they come back!

    Would do any sort of swap really if people are interested.

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    Give me a call you can come anytime you wish, plenty of Ducks and Geese at the moment.

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