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Thread: 222 cases and dies

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    222 cases and dies

    Like it says, anything for reloading 222 is of interest.

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    got them here if thats any help
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    i have a quantity of mixed brass if interested.

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    Actually I also bought a 243 today so I'll use that one first for which I have brass.

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    If you need any pointers on getting started give me a shout mate.
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    Hi Pierre,
    I need a range, to use Gap 180 do I talk to Paul? Or is there somewhere else you could suggest?

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    I started reloading for .222 earlier this year. If you have any questions PM me,be glad to help. Got a cheap paper back .222 reloading manual from the States,I can try and remember where I got it.

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    I have a load of .222 reloading for sale, just given up .222 not foxing anymore and using bigger stuff on the range.
    I have approx 900 bullet heads (500 Hornaday V-Max 50 gr, 300 sierra Blitzking 50gr, 91 Sierra varminter 50Gr, plus a few others) over 100 PMC cases, approx 50 unused, rest fired once, 20 RP cased, 76 Norma, all more than 1 firing but good. 1 set of FL RCBS Dies, good condition. ! 50 Rnd MTM ammo box and four 1 lb tubs of Hodgson H4198, on tun opened and minus approx 660 grains (1.5 ounces of 16 (1lb)).

    Let me know if interested,



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    I have cases thanks, may be interested in dies and ammo box. Bullets and powder a problem because we are so far apart. I seem to have a 222 now as well as the 243. Must stop buying stuff....

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    Are you sorted for 222 stuff now or are you still wanting bits?

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