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Thread: Tracking, how good are you

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    Tracking, how good are you

    exactley how good are we
    following on from Chickenman's thread about getting a dog
    no reflection on Chickenman or anyone else
    just more as a general pointer
    i thought i might post a little write up with a few pics to show what it is all about
    my aim was Roe and a particular family group at that
    i knew where i would expect to find them

    Doe and the 2 selected Kids

    as you can see they are lay down on the skyline with no safe shot at all,

    so plan is keep moving around the hedgerow till they now hav a backstop behind them , All the time i am in full view and she is watching me

    they stand up and offer a split second chance that is safe
    first kid down ,

    reloaded but they were off like rockets
    so time to goto to work
    track down mum and remaining kid
    this was to be done just by following slots
    fresh slots in direction they ran

    more up the grass track on edge of field

    About 10 mins into the track i noticed this sudden change of direction

    more slots in the field indicating i was on the right line

    as i scanned the hedgerow in the direction they had gone the 2 remaining Roe were spotted lying down in the hedge bottom
    again no sensible shot as i set the camera up, i was spotted and off again they went, this time i was ready

    i stopped them in mid field and flight where there was a safe shot to be had
    2nd kid on the deck

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    The Doe looking back but not figured into the cull plan for this area

    close up of the 2nd kid

    carry to field edge for gralloch and drain
    then walk back to the 1st kid and do the same , this time i used sika to track just for fun

    2 does in the bag and still enough light and time to go look elsewhere

    3rd one in the bag and no runners

    so a good night allround

    even got one for the album

    tracking is not just about using a dog but more about working out what the clues mean and can tell you, this can only help if and when you get a dog to help assist you, so you can both work as a team, as one

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    Good work!

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    I liked this thread, thank you! Nice pictures, good points and well made.

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    Nice photos and a good days stalking mate.

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    Good post Stone.
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    Great result, great tracking and great pictures!

    Well done!

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    Nice one Ricardo

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