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Thread: Browning a bolt in .243

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    Browning a bolt in .243

    Bought a brand new A bolt in .243 a few months ago and was wondering:

    1. Is it a good rifle in other peoples opinion?
    2. Are there any decent mods to make it better?
    3. What can I expect problems wise?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    puzzeled, You have had rifle a while and ask on here if it shoots ok. ??

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    The a bolts are a brill little rifle I had 1 for my first in 223 it was very accurate with the right ammo , but the only thing is that the trigger is heavy
    I had a t8 modarater on it but that was a waste of money I won't by another again .
    The only mod I would do is get the trigger tuned really
    Now my mate has got it and he loves it

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    More than capable rifle, get out and shoot yours, you may be happy with the trigger.

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    The trigger pull can easily be lightened by changing out the spring. Timney do a kit that a DIY-er can install in 10 minutes

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