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Thread: .270 sako

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    .270 sako

    I have just been offered a sako 75 deluxe in .270 as new only fired 50 shots he wants 800 with 30mm optilocks
    I'm looking for an all round stalking rifle would this cal be ok for that? or would it be a bit harsh on roe muntjack ? DF

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    No it will be fine. Bad shot placement with any caliber is harsh.

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    i use a .270 on all my deer from reds to muntys, and its a very good prices to.


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    I have shot roe,red and sika with a .270 and as previously said shot placement is the big thing.If you hit the beast in the wrong place it can do some damage but then so can any off the larger calibres


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    Snap his hand off its a good price. good rifle and you will not go far wrong

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    I would not snap his hand off at all! Oh no! I'd walk away from it and telephone Clay Shooter Supplies in Market Harborough near Leicester if it is a SAKO you want.

    I've seen this rifle and at 100 more that the SAKO you mention at 800 you get a Zeiss 'scope with it on Apel mounts on this one....and it is virtually brand new.

    The guy that owns the shop, Sean, is a pleasure to deal with. Easy parking just twenty yards away outside. And being a gun shop you can pay with plastic.

    Just my 2p worth....

    Sako 75
    Very Good Condition Fitted with Zeiss Scope and Quick Release Mounts Shot and Regulated by Holland and Holland

    Telephone 01858 466616. They are closed all day Wednesday.
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    Thanks for that enfield, is it the delux model with the fancy wood blueing etc ?
    Not that it matters much but they were a lot more expensive i think . thanks again DF

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    I think Enfield may have found a better deal all round, But if only 50 rounds and thats the truth!! its should be like new and the rifling just bedded.


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    The above is of one of these "shot and regulated" that sold at Sotheby's for 880 in 2002. Described as: "A .270 Sako bolt action sporting rifle, no. 522566, shot and regulated by Holland & Holland (no. 406)"

    As to the one at Market Harborough it was definitely wood furniture and blue barrel and action. Can't remember what the figure was like in the woodwork however, sorry.

    From what Sean at the shop told me a man bought it for his son who decided that "killing deer" wasn't quite his thing.

    So it apparently has had virtually no rounds through it. Except when Holland's did whatever they did with it.
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    That's not a Sako 75 though?

    Looks like an L61 R Finnbear to me.

    A lot older than the 75 and an excellent rifle but, a 75 Deluxe would have been around 1200-1300 new and has a higher grade walnut stock, rosewood forend and pistol grip cap with inlay detail, skipline checkering etc....

    I would be surprised if the rifle you mention is not an older model Sako with the zeiss scope on and at 900 it's not really the fantastic deal you may think.

    Just my 2p but,

    all the best

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