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    new toy

    hi all I,ve just up sized from .223 to .243 as I feel ready to take the odd roe off my main permission but also because whilst out foxing I have had numerous chances of nice clean / safe shots at them but could not do so .
    and before I get all the "EXPERTS " on my case I have accompanied a dsc2 stalker many times and have been shooting centre fire for 6 yrs now .
    any how my new toy is a ruger 77 mk2 in .243 that the previous owner spent time and money getting it to be a very accurate rifle .
    it has a bedded stock full timney trigger kit a good scope and mod
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    Hope you get one in the freezer soon

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    A workmanlike rifle! Hope you get on well with it

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    I the rifle shoots well, works for you and you are hapoy with it then it is a good set up imho

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    Enjoy the rifle and I hpe it does you justice.

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    thanks for comments peeps here is a picture [all be it poor quality as only taken on my phone] of a 1" bull at just over 100yds first one at the top was my first ever shot with rifle and I didn't know how light the trigger was .
    there is then 3 rounds on the left and 4 rounds on the right all factory ammo Winchester 85gr
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