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Thread: Use for deer feet

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    Use for deer feet

    They can also be used as coat hangers, walking stick handles, or priests (if dried straight)

    Anyone suggest any other uses for them?

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    Give them to your dog too. All the hair, bone and sinew is like the perfect 'doggie dental floss'!! Great for their teeth.

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    76 views and the only extra suggestion is 'feed them to your dog'.................

    Philistines, the lot of you

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    Do you have to do anything to them to get them to stay that way?

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    As long as they're held in position as they dry out they can be left completely alone I generally lay them on a board and use nails to hold them in position (but I don't actually nail through them) Once they dry in any position they're completely set

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    I once had a knife, think I got it in France and it had a Roe foot handle.

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    Walking stick handles


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    Walking stick handles

    Yes walking stick handles, have made a few but the hair tends to shed after time, any idea how to prevent it?

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    I've never noticed that, but I'd be tempted just to replace the handle. I use double-ended studs to attach mine, so it would be a matter of simply unscrewing the old one & replacing it. I generally have plenty of roe feet lying about though. Maybe some kind of taxidermists solution would prevent the hair slipping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    Yes walking stick handles, have made a few but the hair tends to shed after time, any idea how to prevent it?

    I used Formaldehyde, many years ago.

    Two sticks, made twenty+ years ago, using Roe feet for handles, are still fine.

    CH2O is dicey stuff, so would not recommend its use now.


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