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Thread: Australia stalking

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    Australia stalking

    Just wondered, what are the options down there for the travelling sportsman? It's a massive place alright, where are the deer stalking hotspots? How difficult/costly is it to organise a hunt? Any info would be great. Cheers

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    Apologies for hijacking the thread, but I too am interested. Heading over late March or possibly early April. Will be in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin at various points.


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    each state has its own game management authority Google their individual state websites tells you where and when you can hunt most species from ducks and deer to pigs and vermin Game management Victoria is the one I'm most famialiar with there's areas of public hunting land with land owners permission of course and it also tells you the various permits required I believe there is now a law change in place to allow more hunting tourists into the country with firearms, there are plenty of outfitters available espically up north for the bigger game. this website is pretty good with info on aussie deer if you have time and money New Zealand is high on my recommendations for monster red stag hunting!

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    We had a similar thread last August? Best to get visitors permits sorted as soon as possible. Once you look like getting these then no doubt some folks will help. For every 100 who say they're coming hunting fewer than one would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by novice View Post
    Apologies for hijacking the thread, but I too am interested. Heading over late March or possibly early April. Will be in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin at various points.

    How have you gone with your visitors permits since your thread last August?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharkey View Post
    How have you gone with your visitors permits since your thread last August?

    Hi sharkey. A fair comment I guess, but it seems a chicken and egg situation from what I understand. The international visitor firearm permit requires confirmation of the landowner and /or safari outfit and/or Australian citizen I'd intend to borrow a firearm from.

    Im not coming for an out and out hunting trip, was just wanting to squeeze an outing in while I was in the country. I wouldn't be bringing my own gun. Frustratingly, I've been given he nod to hunt on a farm of a family friend in Victoria, only they don't own any guns of their own ��

    i was hoping for a steer on any outfitters who may be able to assist overseas hunters like myself, who may only want a day or so of hunting. I'd happily go out after ferals rather than game if the opportunity presented itself. I've a few other family related enquiries that may yet bear fruit, but would welcome input from sd members in Australia.


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    My interpretation of the rules, particularly in respect of Victoria, is that I can happily obtain a game licence, but if I want to use a firearm then I will have to obtain an international visitor firearm permit in addition. Happy to be told otherwise if I've got that wrong.


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    You will need a visitors permit for each state you intend to use a firearm in. You will need a genuine reason to obtain your visitors permit. This requires you to have a letter showing that you are participating in an official club event (hunts are club events) or a "promise of business" with a licensed safari operator. Safari operators are also allowed to advocate & process some of the paperwork on your behalf (with a promise of business) if they have paid the $500 "safari operators fee" to the Firearms Registry & are a licensed "hunting guide" with the Dept of Primary industry. (NSW).

    In both NSW & Viic you will need a Game licence as well as a "visitors permit " for firearms use. Bowhunting is simple if you want to hunt this way, as you don't need to worry about firearms legislation or "approved hunting club" membership at all.

    Its not impossible, but its a huge embuggerance trying to navigate this system. I Chair one of the two professional hunting orgs in Aust & sit in the NSW Parliament working committee on firearms. My two main objectives over the last four years has been to allow folks to "try" shooting on private property under the direct supervision of a licensed instructor or hunting guide (a P650 type arrangement), & to streamline visitors permits. These both require amendments to legislation, not regulation. So we either get an MP to put up an amendment bill or wait for the Parliamentary review & hopefully lobby effectively to have these amendments pass in this political & social environment which demonises firearms use & ownership. I can see an encouraging shift in the continuum of acceptability for this happening, but it takes years. Then of course we will have the usual malcontents in our own hunting orgs who won't want to see a rural & regional industry develop around hunting tourism & muddy the debate at every opportunity.

    Drop me a PM if you like, & if you make it to Sydney, I might be able to take you out for a few days if the timing is right. I average over 1500 klm a week & see some interesting people, places & animals which you won't see in a tourist brochure. I can lend you a bow & if you just shoot pigs, goats, dogs, foxes & rabbits, no paperwork or licences are required.

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    Victoria has some of the best hunting available in Australia, or the rest of the world for that matter. Sambar deer can be hunted year round, with no bag limit, although they are hard hunting. And there are thousands of kilometres of public land available for stalking. Game licencing is pretty straightforward - I would post a link to the page, but the software for the forum doesn't let me due to a low post count.

    I am no sambar hunting expert, but if you have any questions about hunting in Victoria, feel free to ask.

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