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Thread: Identify The Mystery Object!

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    Identify The Mystery Object!

    Apparently this object came sailing through the window of a friend's mother's house last night so obviously he is keen to identify where (and whom!) it might have come from!

    Looks like some sort of engineering component or tooling to me?...

    Anyone know what it is?

    p.s. No rude suggestions please, they've already all been made!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Tip off a soldering iron by the looks of things?

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    It's a Dremel soldering tip, I think.

    Dremel Versatip.
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    Looks similar to the tip of a gas powered soldering iron

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    No he said don't

    SO is it a Dremel 26150201ja Soldering tip with base fitting
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    Thanks guys!

    So soldering iron tip seems to be out in front currently...

    This is the only photo I have unfortunately.

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    Got one that looks very like this but it has a crows foot on it and mine is defo a gas soldering iron tip,
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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Thanks guys!

    So soldering iron tip seems to be out in front currently...

    This is the only photo I have unfortunately.
    Alex. Look up Dremel Butane Tool Accessories.
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    now i know we need an EX FILE section what with star jelly /heron dribble pieces of power tools things that go bump in the night,oh and very large pussy,s shaped like a black lab and whatever else wierd and wonderful that crops up, regards doug,

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    It is one of many tips for a Weller gas soldering iron or, to be correct, model #WPA2 - PYROPEN (Listed-6L76).

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