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Thread: Motorist - police let off

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    Motorist - police let off

    Hi guys

    Yesterday I reported the possibly of an abandoned car parked about 10 yards away from my house.The car has been there for the best part of two months now. The tax disc is still on the car and ran out in November. It is parked with two wheels on the pavement and two wheels on the road. The car is a 57 plate peugeot 207 and looks to be, externally at least, in good nick.

    Out of interest I typed the reg into a Government site, surprise, surprise, it is not taxed, not MOT'd and is also not insured. I informed the police of this also and I was told they would look into it. They said that they would not be able to give me any details of the owner who I assumed was local.

    I had a return call today back from the police saying that they were looking into it and were contacting the owner.... I asked if the owner was local and I was told yes, but they couldn't give out any more information. I then stated that as the car was illegally parked, had no tax, mot or insurance that I presumed the owner would be prosecuted, as any other motorist would be if stopped on a public road by the police....... There was a long pause and I was told that In the first instance they would give the owner a chance to rectify all the above before proceding anything further.

    Very considerate of them I thought! The last time I drove 6 mph over the speed limit and was photographed by a camera, I ended up with 3 points and a fine!... My car by the was was fully taxed, insured and had a valid mot!..... I was a bit miffed to say the least!
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    Did you not tell them that there was a strange smell coming from the boot similar to that from a decomposing body?
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    phone a scrap man or gumtree free to a good home,
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    Do the tyres all have air in them still?

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    You're law abiding, working,pay your taxes and you're easily traced and prosecuted if necessary.
    You tick all the easy boxes for the stats.
    Others don't.
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    To be honest I can't believe they left it. It's as easy as take a look, confirm it is there, VRM as stated, check Tax, MOT & insurance then contact DVLA who will then come and move the vehicle. So not much effort on the part of the police at all, just laziness I'm afraid, wonder who would be liable now the police are aware of it, if someone injured themselves trying to walk past it as it's partially obstructing the pavement?

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    letter of complaint to local plod, cc'd to force Chief Constable and MP , maybe the local rag as well.
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    Cops are too busy chasing kids on uninsured mopeds over wasteland at 28.5mph in their £3,000,000 eurocopters?

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    In all fairness we have no idea of the situation here - the owner may be out of the country and simply forgot about it or could have something going on in his life!

    I remember years ago a guy i worked with's daughter was critically ill and had to be flown to a hospital for emergency surgery - rightly or wrongly he wanted to ensure he saw her alive and so drove very fast to get there in time - it's not legal but at the end of the day if it was one of mine I would do the exact same - if someone purposely tried to hold me up for no good reason other than them doing the good citizen thing then i'd be pretty upset and would ensure they were aware of it...

    My point being that there are usually two sides to the story!



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    As Wingy has kind of alluded to if the owner isn't present then most of the offences can not be dealt with by the police anyway, but they probably should have contacted the DVLA who may have had it removed but are more likely to send out a letter to the owner. Seems a bit shabby all round really.

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