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Thread: McMillan stock

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    McMillan stock

    Hi all, does anyone know where I can find a Macmillan stock for my tikka t3 lite in the uk? Also what kind of price are they? Cheers

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    Have a look at Jackson Rifles Homepage, think whats listed is in stock! although he,s trade only so your local dealer could order it for u! having said that i've dealt with Mcmillan direct and found them really helpfull! taking the latter route, might be slow, but you can spec your stock, all of my stocks have been round about the £400-£500 mark! they can be as cheap or as dear as you want dependent on spec! Good luck.


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    Attachment 51364Have you considered PSE composites. They do the T3 inlet and they are fantastic, solid but light. The turnaround is quick and Edi is a true gent to deal with. I prefer my PSE Etac to the Mcmillans I have. Edi is on here as EJG so you could PM him or Google PSE composites. This is mine on a day hind stalking. Don't I look young!!
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    Cheers for the replys! I'm looking for something lightweight as i use the rifle for stalking aswell as foxing. How heavy is your pse srvet? It looks quite bulky?

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    Really light compared to the equivalent Mac A5 on my other rifle. I think the stock alone was around 1000g but Edi would be able to tell you lots more. There is a lighter hunting style stock as well that will be trimmer than the E tactical style E Tac and lighter. I like the Etac as it gives me the performance and comfort of the tac style stocks with a comparable weight to a normal hunting stock

    PSE-Composites : About Us

    I found no problems with the weight when on the hill at all despite a 26 inch barrel and S&B scope that weighs a ton. The biathlon sling helps as do the side mounted flush cups. Will get the rifle out later and weigh it.
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    +1 on PSE

    Great stocks and VERY light. Have one on my Rem 700 in 243. Weight approx 690 / 700 grams.
    Edi is a great man to deal with.

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    Rifle and scope weigh 12lbs dead without mod or bipod. At least 2.2lbs being the scope and mounts. Combined with a good sling this is very comfortable for a day on the hill and the 26in heavy barrel helps steady things nicely

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    Another vote for PSE Etac

    I have one on one of my stalking rifles and I've fitted several Etacs to rifles I've built for stalking / range use - all turned out to be tac drivers

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post

    "any action, any calibre" was my take-away from the thread. Does that include a Sako 75 Action III (.308 etc...)?

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