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Thread: cancelling due to bad weather

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    cancelling due to bad weather

    has any pro stalker cancelled due the this bad weather and what terms do you offer to clients
    do you watch the weather forecast how soon do you cancel
    cheers lister

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    Refund of deposit if any has been taken and offer to re-book on another day, simples!

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    Mmmm, could be an interesting thread to get some views of the professional stalkers, in particular how much notice of a cancelation. Not that I have ever booked stalking as such but would consider for something different. My concern would be if I booked for say a Saturday AM stalk, I would probably be looking at travelling some distance so would travel the day before, this would mean a B&B possibly paid up front so if the stalking was cancelled I would be out of pocket for travel & accommodation

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    I would have thought anyone with a ounce of common sense would be looking three days in advance, take today, Wednesday we decided to leave Saturday morning,but Sunday would be ok

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    No such thing as bad weather just poor clothing I've stalked in every type of weather the one which limits things the most for any Fieldsport is FOG .
    I've never been cancelled before or cancelled a shoot or a stalk ,I wouldn't expect to be cancelled for anything other than fog or illness .

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    I've had to pay for a stalk in dense fog
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Norma, I think Scotland is possibly a little different to Northants.

    I have lost a couple of days up there over the years. 70 to 80 knots of wind tends to do it. The hill is not a safe place to be in conditions when you can't stand up. And if you did get a shot off you would be allowing a good 6 inches for wind at 100 yards with a .270 if indeed you could keep the rifle anything like steady.

    Better at home in front of a fire with a dram and a good movie.

    I have had one of my most exciting stalks in thick fog. It was during the rut and we were navigating by roar. It was very slow, but equally exciting and ended up with a cull. Can't see how it would be possible at any other time of the year though.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    If the weather was forecast extremely stormy and WE had to cancel the day the estate would ether refund or offer another day . If the weather looked iffy i would phone the night before and suggest that the guest changes their day . If the guest cancels due to bad weather we will try to sort out another day ( everyone has a different bad weather threshold ) . We do this for a living and do go out in all weather. just that some days may be shorter !

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    I had a guy drive from Dundee this morning to meet me at our start time of 8am , when i met him he said is it worth even going out (the weather was terrible) , he,s a very happy guy tonight , one roe doe , one red hind and a goat
    I never cancel unless really foggy
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Just as I thought Colin theres guides like yrself and theres girl guides but I hope the weathers good for our visit Looking forward to it .
    yrs doug
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